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We are an international network of practitioners. Together we carry out 21 educational programs designed to unlock the potential of local communities in 24 countries.

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A school? For adults? Yes, sure!  We’re happy to announce that the registration for the first weekend training of #horizontalschool is now open! If you’re passionate about lifelong learning, and if you’re curious which competencies will be in high demand in the nearest future, this training fits you very well.  When: October 25-26, 2019
Where: MitOst (@mitost_ev) Berlin Office 
Apply until: October 17, 2019  More details: www.horizontal.school  #opportunity #lifelonglearning #learningspace #gaincompetencies #individuallearningpaths
You love your city and know how to make it even better? @actorsofurbanchange are searching for u! The new call for applications for all 47 Council of Europe member states (including Kosovo and Belarus) is out now! Go to their webpage and apply until September 21, 2019!
#mitost #urbanchange #positivechange #urbandevelopment #urbanism #placemaking #citymakers #greencities #europe #activecitizenship #sustainablecities
@azamat3.0 has finished the program round! Congratulation to all alumni and to great coordinators: Indira, Fariza & Nurana!
Starting in 2018, Azamat 3.0 was the first partner program of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg to be implemented in Central Asia. Although the program’s lingua franca is Russian, “Azamat” is Kazakh and means ‘citizen’. Thus, the Almaty based program is dedicated to supporting every participant in becoming an active and responsible member of the global society: a ‘Citizen 3.0’.
In a series of seminars, young people between the ages of 18 and 22 discover their own motivations, analyze their society, and learn how to involve in their communities. By implementing small social projects, they learn hands on what it means and what it takes to be engaged. In the next step, they frame their local experiences into a wider context – understanding how the world is intertwined and how their daily actions have global effects. The program is implemented in cooperation with Impact Hub Almaty, with financial support by the Robert Bosch Foundation.
#thkprograms #thkactivities #thk #kazakhstan #activecitizenship #nonformaleducation #alumni
🎉🍾 Sign up and become part of the 17th International MitOst Festival! Join the MitOst Community to exchange, learn, share and celebrate this year in Budapest, Hungary. 🐦Be an early bird and register until 30th of June 2019. The registration will be open until 31st of August 2019, late birds have a chance, too 😉. Check our website mitostfestival.org for information about Festival Terms and Conditions, the Host City Budapest, this years’ Festival Topics and, of course, the Registration Form. 
We kindly invite you on behalf of @mitost_ev MitOst Festival Team and our dear friends of the local festival host @ProPorgressione.  #mitostcommunity #mitostfestival #mitostfestival2019 #mitostbudapest #mitost