People are the heart of THK. Behind every program, seminar, or training are individuals who share a common vision of the future. Taking on different roles, we work together to build democratic societies from the ground up.

Our network consists of coordinators who organize local and regional programs, facilitators who guide participants towards their learning goals during each program seminar, mentors who coach participant project teams as they put their ideas into action, and the Berlin team who provides support for the network as a whole through capacity building, fundraising, and cross-network exchange.

In all, we number around 80 regional program coordinators, over 200 facilitators, about 350 mentors, and 13 Berlin Team members.

We gather annually to exchange ideas, experience, and competencies, catch up, and brainstorm new ways to tackle the challenges of modern civil society. Most recently in April 2019, 120 members of the network gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia. Check out photos from the Gathering here.