Encourage, listen, convey competencies, and offer different perspectives. This is the role of facilitators in THK. Bringing new ideas from 24 countries, our facilitators conduct more than 120 seminars and trainings each year across the network.

Whether it’s social entrepreneurship and climate change in Moldova, critical thinking and history in Ukraine, or diversity and inclusion in North Africa, THK facilitators use their moderation, animation, and non-formal educational skills to strengthen local communities. At each seminar or training, local and international facilitators work together in teams to provide an example of democratic cooperation and diversity while inspiring and equipping participants to become active citizens. Their formats and methods range from initiating conversations, to outdoor activities, and different evaluation and reflection techniques.

Each THK facilitator has completed our one year International Facilitator’s Education, which consists of two intensive trainings, two practical seminars, the support of experienced learning supervisors, and self-steering as a method of learning.

Previously, this has been reserved for alumni and regional program coordinators. Coming soon, THK will offer this educational opportunity to external civil society experts as well.