We encourage, equip, and support individuals to be active, self-determining and self-reliant citizens. As the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg (THK), we are an international network of practitioners fostering and uniting educational programs in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, the Caucasus, Russia, and North Africa. We support sustainable social development that provides safe spaces for participation, diversity, and peaceful dialogue. Together with our locally-rooted partners, we promote civic engagement and develop tailored approaches which answer the challenges of our collaborative geographies spanning 24 countries. We qualify trainers, project managers, and mentors in civic and non-formal education and experiential learning, creating the space for mutual exchange, capacity building, and networking. All of us, whether program participants, local activists, or multipliers, are united by the desire to drive positive change in our communities.

In collaboration with our local partners, we carry out 21 programs, reaching up to 1,000 citizens each year. Together, we guide program participants through a journey of self-learning, which begins with the spark of an idea, progresses to the development of a concrete plan of action, and ends with bringing it to life. They train in project management, fundraising, and communication. We support them through a unique mix of counseling and coaching that best suits their individual needs and encourages their self-directed learning.

Our qualification concept focuses on the personal development of the individual. We encourage each person to take responsibility for their actions and communities and to address challenges in a way that is constructive and creative. Everyone has the potential to influence and build a culture of active citizenship in their immediate environment. We base our activities on the values of diversity, equal rights, tolerance, transparency, and sustainability.

We, hand in hand with each person involved in our programs, are committed to creating a common international network of people dedicated to positive impact in local societies. Through work, school, university, volunteering, and even in private spheres, each person in our network can continue to share their knowledge, skills, and passion with their communities and the rest of the world.

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