Berlin Team

Portrait photo of Malwina Fendrych

Malwina Fendrych

Malwina is developing and implementing a long-term PR strategy at Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg. She also coordinates operative work and communication of educational programs in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Poland. At the age of 18 she fell in love with Hermann Hesse and thanks to this discovery she holds a Master’s degree in German linguistics. Proper use of words and symbols drives her, thus she decided to study a second subject – social communication. Since 2017 she is working as an international facilitator in citizenship education, project management, and media literacy. Interesting facts: Malwina used to sing in a gospel band for over 7 years of her life and played in an alternative theater as a teenager. She is addicted to fairtrade cacao and french fries and is crazy about sustainable lifestyles. After work, she transforms into a bookworm who is passionate about content metaphorization, art as a form of communication, and experimental music. Secret talent: She gives surprisingly good hair cuts.

Portrait photo of Zoya Lukyanova

Zoya Lukyanova

Zoya is a deputy coordinator of the department for Active Citizenship at MitOst e.V., which includes Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg. In the past, she represented MitOst in Russia and neighboring countries and was responsible for developing new partnerships and programs in the fields of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Her master thesis at Hertie School of Governance was on comparing ecosystems for social entrepreneurship in Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine. Zoya has over 15 years of experience in the field of citizenship education and social innovation as Global Network Partner of BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt for Eastern Europe and as an advisor of several programs of GIZ GmbH. Interesting facts: Zoya joined the THK universe in 2006 by establishing the first regional cooperation program in Perm Krai, Russia. Secret talent: She can knit socks.

Portrait photo of Linnéa Mühlenkamp

Linnéa Mühlenkamp

As a participant in THK a couple of years ago, Linnéa didn’t manage to implement her own initiative, but later decided with her friends from the Ruhr area in Germany to start a whole program on civic education for teenagers called RuhrstadtTRÄUMER. Linnéa loves languages and thus studied French, which she never used in her working life until the day she suddenly found herself in North Africa starting a new journey of THK in Tunisia with the program Mosta9bali. Additionally, Linnéa does fundraising for THK. She is a founder and a board member of the TraumWerkStadt association that aims at strengthening civic activism among young people. As a facilitator, she loves to use creative methods and work with teenagers. Interesting facts: Linnéa recently started to do Origami, is afraid of dogs, and addicted to Haruki Murakami’s books. Secret talent: She can ride on one wheel.

Photo of Sebastian Wehrsig speaking at an event

Sebastian Wehrsig

Sebastian is deputy program coordinator at Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg, responsible for the International Facilitators Network, Caucasus and Balkan regions, team development, and fundraising. He tries to keep a structure where there is not too much of it, gets on others’ nerves by asking if their travel plans are good for the planet, finds paths with and for other people, and loves facilitation. Sebastian holds a B.A. in European Studies and an M.Sc. in Regional Development and Nature Protection. Previously, he worked at the German Parliament and for Heidelberg University. Since 2006, he has been working as an international facilitator in citizenship education, sustainability, and project management. Interesting facts: Hiking in the mountains and moving in the sea inspires him. Secret talent: He is a great surfer.

Annegret Wulff

Annegret is a program coordinator of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg and a managing director of MitOst e.V. She has been with MitOst for the last 20 years and developed programs and cooperations in the field of active citizenship in more than 20 countries in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and North Africa. She is an expert in the field of non-formal education, new democracies and capacity building, as well as an author of the study “Democracy Education in Russia.” Annegret is the voice of MitOst in several European Associations, including EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and Petersburger Dialogue. She is passionate about creating safe spaces between chaos and order. Interesting facts: She is a baking master and makes the best cakes in all of Berlin. At least her colleagues say so. Secret talent: She can sign only in Russian.

Photo of Monika Nikzentaitis-Stobbe

Monika Nikzentaitis-Stobbe

After her Master’s in Linguistics and Political Economics at the University of Munich and returning from the Bosch Lecturer program 1995/96 in Klaipeda/Lithuania, Monica started her first job in the German Multimedia Association in Munich and Düsseldorf. In 2001 she moved to Lithuania, working as a freelance facilitator and coordinator for organizations like MitOst, Robert Bosch Stiftung, and ifa. Her connection with THK is expressed in supporting others to foster civic life by writing concepts, developing programs and seminars and – together with friends and partners – creating, discussing, and struggling for new solutions and paths. Currently she is a part of the coordination team of Khatwa and a THK quality manager. Interesting facts: She watches Germany’s Next Top Model and she is not embarrassed to say it out loud. Secret talent: She knows every single detail about cats’ lives and can implement it in practice.

Photo of Kristine Lomako in the forrest

Kristine Lomako

One year long European Voluntary Service in Magdeburg opened Kristine’s eyes to the NGO world: international youth exchanges and local activities. With a background in language and business studies, her current Non-Profit Management Master has grown her interest even more. Kristine is a student assistant at the THK, an allrounder with a broad overview of what’s happening in the office. Her focus is on Erasmus+ and event management. Interesting facts: She used to live on a small farm with banja. She is happily married and tries to understand the world inside and around her through pop science books and meditation. Secret talent: She has found a golden middle and can keep balance in her everyday life.

Photo of Ruslan Kildeev

Ruslan Kildeev

Ruslan is doing his Master’s in International Business. He joined Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg in September 2018 as student assistant and got really interested in social entrepreneurship and sustainability management. He is a supportive force for events and THK educational programs. In other words, he helps make the world better. Interesting facts: He loves taking and editing photos and videos and hopes they are not that bad. Ruslan is a vegan freak, and a huge fan of impressionism and modernism (and some more “art”-isms). Secret talent: He can explain why Venus in the fifth house can help you become a prominent artist, and what it means to deal with the Moon in Gemini.

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Margita Petrikova

While earning her PhD. in International Economic Relations, Gita realized that it’s the international non-formal civic education rather than economic graphs that makes her heart beat faster. She likes doing fundraising and writing grant proposals for exciting events and activities that bring positive change to communities in over 20 countries, although she rarely gets to meet the people benefitting from them. Gita is responsible for Erasmus+ coordination for the Theodor Heuss Kolleg and MitOst, grant application writing, and reporting. Interesting facts: She enjoys confusing people with her identical twin sister, tries to live a minimalistic lifestyle without Facebook and TV, and likes trying out pedagogical experiments on herself and unsuspecting family members. Secret talent: After having run several marathons, trying out various extreme sports and learning improvisation as life skill, she decided she can also manage to take care of three little kids at the same time.

Portrait photo of Linda Frankenthal

Linda Frankenthal

Linda Frankenthal joined the THK Berlin Team in April 2019 as Student Assistant. She studied Social and Cultural Anthropology and is currently studying Middle Eastern Sociology and History. She is interested in the MENA Region and cultures that are influenced by Islam as well as post soviet countries, therefore she spent some time in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan last year.

Portrait photo of Elmurad Mamadov

Elmurad Mammadov

Elmurad graduated from the Azerbaijan State University of Economics with a specialization in marketing. He has professional experience in marketing and project management. He is a trainer on the topics of marketing philosophy, body language, motivation, project management, and teamwork. Elmurad joined the THK Berlin team as an ESC volunteer in February 2019 and is a mentor and trainer of the program Time4Development. Currently he is writting a book about psychological motivation and trains intensively in martial arts like MMA.