Civic engagement

We qualify and support individuals and organizations to actively engage in society. The precondition of our collaboration is not skills or knowledge, but passionate motivation for social change.

Long-term relationships

We build long-term relationships with individuals and organizations. Through workshop series, qualification trainings, network events, and joint projects, we offer cooperation and continuous support with the aim of creating an environment of sustainable development.


Theoretical knowledge and skills are understood and strengthened by their practical implementation. We equip program participants to implement their own projects and develop new activities with partners. Emphasizing reflection as a key to personal development, our network culture celebrates the opportunities and new potential that failure can bring.

Critical thinking

Neither we nor anybody else holds the one truth or the one right way of doing things. We encourage people to question us, themselves, and others. By being transparent in our goals and motives, we seek to foster an environment of openness, equality, and continual learning.

Democratic values

We promote a culture of active citizenship, encompassing transparency, participation, openness, trust, diversity-consciousness, equality, and social responsibility.

Individual centered approach

We respect and include every individual with their needs, potential, emotions, experiences, skills, and knowledge, and offer a space where people can learn from each other. We believe in non-hierarchical interaction on an eye-to-eye level.


We believe in every person as a responsible, reliable, and capable individual. By being fully trusted from the start, without pretext or conditions, our participants and partners are empowered to think differently and take action.

(Eco)systemic approach

Local THK programs are anchored to their ecosystems to ensure the successful and sustainable building of long-term partnerships and relationships within their communities. These strong ties foster long-term impact.

Non-formal citizenship eduation

We support and enable individuals to understand and navigate complex local and global realities, value diversity, and judge critically. We create safe spaces for self-discovery and self-efficacy.