Logo of Active Peace

The Moldovan program activePeace unites young people from several regions, including Transnistria and Gagauzia, to develop their capacities in such areas as critical thinking, peace education, diversity, conflict resolution/transformation, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and civic activism. It aims to increase the ability of young change-makers to deal with conflicts which appear naturally – within their organizations, groups, communities, as well as on the level of structures, states, and self – and ultimately to transform such conflicts into collaboration.

To achieve this, activePeace combines new trends in peace education with methods of non-formal education and a human-centred design approach, focusing on the needs of each particular community, group, or individual. The program creates an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and cooperation for citizens from different cultural backgrounds, languages, and nationalities, and thus contributes to the establishment of sustainable peace. Participants join a series of workshops and implement their learnings by organizing their own projects in their communities.

activePeace is organized in cooperation with Ecovisio in the scope of the project “Dialogue for Change” and financed by German Federal Foreign Office and Robert Bosch Foundation.