Balkans, let’s get up!

Logo of the program “ Balkans, let’s get up!”

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia – the Balkans are a region that is as diverse as it is large. Different religions, cultures, languages, histories, political situations, or levels of wealth can clash. Balkans, let’s get up! strives to take this diversity and turn it into fruitful cooperation. Participants from all countries gather for three seminars per year to learn about conflict resolution, critical thinking, and democratic acting. Being provided with project management tools, they implement their own project dedicated to social change in their community.

Balkans, let’s get up! has created a network of active citizens from all over the Balkans that initiates social change on a local level and peaceful cooperation on an international one. This network meets annually at the Balkans, let’s get up! Forum, where the program alumni present their latest projects, find best practices, discuss current issues of the region, create international partnerships and celebrate their impact and diversity. The program is organized in cooperation with Balkans Let’s Get Up association with the support by the Robert Bosch Foundation.