Diversity School

Logo of the program “Diversity School”

Georgia is located in the Caucasus, an area that is famous for its diverse ethnicities, religions, and languages. The same is true for Georgia itself. Although this diversity is often seen as a cause of conflict, the Georgian educational program Diversity School deeply believes that it can be a springboard of development, democratization, and joy – if the people learn how to engage it.

Diversity School strives for a pluralistic society and the strengthening of democratic acting in Georgia. The series of workshops especially involves members of different minorities, such as Armenians and Azerbaijanis, Muslims, and others. As the program considers communication as important as action, the participants create and implement their own intercultural projects within the program. Since 2018, Diversity School and Iris Group have been building the Diversity Residence, a training and community house in the village of Nukriana which is dedicated to diverse events and seminars. The program is implemented in cooperation with Iris Group – Managing Diversity and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Foundation.