Games have the power to change attitudes and behaviors of players. Using games in education enables students to put theory into practice and further develop soft skills.
Gamechangers is a non-formal learning program for educators, i.e. practitioners and students in the education field from the Baltic Region Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland and Russia (Saint Petersburg). The program introduces to game-based learning, game development principles, practical sessions on creating own game concepts, testing the concepts, documenting games and reflecting on the application of such methodology in the education and youth work fields. The program brings participants together with interested public and professionals from the field during an offline and online Festival “Gamechangers Fest”. Designing an educational game is not rocket science, but it does take practice to become a great game designer.

Gamechangers is implemented in cooperation with Shokkin group Estonia, ARTa. Association of Russian Trainers and supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation, Erasmus+ and Rosmolodezh.

Partners in Estonia
Partners in Russia