Launched in 2017, Mosta9bali, meaning ‘my future’ in Arabic, aims to inspire and empower youth aged 16-20 from Tunisia to become active citizens with the skills to shape their countries future. Youth make up 70 percent of the Tunisian population, and in the waves of radical transformation that occurred during the ‘Arabic Spring’, Tunisia’s youth have the critical opportunity to create positive change in their local communities and decide the future of their country. Over the course of three seminars, participants gain the skills to self-reflect and explore their motivations. In the next step, they develop a deeper understanding of topics like civic activism, inclusion, and democratic values. By organizing their own social projects, they learn practically what it means to be an active citizen and how they can make a positive direct influence on their local communities. There are two program lines, one in Djerba and one in Gabès, each hosting 30 participants. Mosta9bali is implemented in cooperation with AJEM – Association Jlij pour l’Environnement Marin and Gabès Action and with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office.