New Horizons

The Russian North Caucasus is shaped by its ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity. New Horizons aims to unite people from all over the region to collectively create an atmosphere of openness, respect, and cooperation. The “Start-Line” is directed to accompany young people on the path to civic engagement. Taken out of their usual daily life to the stunning mountains of the Caucasus, they discuss their societies, explore their passions, and develop social or cultural projects to implement in their respective hometowns.

Professionals join “New Horizons 2.0”: a tandem of NGO and business/administration representatives applies with a concrete idea to tackle social issues. Through a series of seminars, the project is developed further and implemented. New Horizons 2.0 fosters cross-sectorial cooperation for social responsibility. Over the years, New Horizons has been created a vivid network of local changemakers that is well respected throughout the region.

The program is implemented in cooperation with Center for Network Initiatives Support in Stavropol and supported by IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) and the Robert Bosch Foundation.