Pro Polis – Laboratory of Urban Change

How can our cities be more livable, sustainable, social, and creative? This is the question the program Pro Polis in the Region of Perm, Russia, tries to answer. The Greek ideal of a Polis was a lot more than a city. It was an equal community of engaged citizens who worked together to manage their city. This is what the coordinators of Pro Polis have in mind, understanding urban change as something bigger than architectural corrections.

In addition to the creative use of urban spaces, the topics of social cohesion, ecological sustainability, and cultural diversity are addressed. Participants are around 25 young professionals with various professional backgrounds. During three seminars, they analyze the current situation, learn new methods of project management, collect ideas, search for synergies – and create pilot projects that innovatively reinvent city life. In the aftermath of the program these people are becoming the core of a new network of local citizens, actively shaping the future of their region.

The program is financed by Robert Bosch Stiftung.