The Open Source Toolbox for Civic Education

The Competendo platform is committed to developing better learning spaces for civic competences and empowerment. The toolbox offers and shares experience, methods, and inspiration for competency based learning in communities, schools, organizations, non-formal groups, or institutions.

Competendo is implemented through the cooperation of five European organizations and edited by an international team.

Chief editor: Nils Eyk-Zimmerman

Contributors: Marta Gawinek – Dagargulia SKORO, Elke Heublein Working Between Cultures, Matthias Haberl Südwind NÖ, Jana Teynor Südwind NÖ, Heike Fahrun, Ingrid Schwarz Südwind NÖ, Eliza Skowron Working Between Cultures, Magda Czarnecka SKORO, Slav Georgiev Design Ideas Factory, Yanina Taneva Ideas Factory