THK Stories #5 — Alona Karavai

“And then you feel many things are possible.”

Watch the story of Alona Karavai

Program Manager Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg, Dialogue for Change
Social Entrepreneur
Khata Maysternya
Co-creator of Insha Osvita

For Alona, what makes THK special is its focus on long term programs and connecting local communities around the world in relationships of mutual support and exchange. With each new seminar, a new approach, tailor-made for the group, the setting, and social context, is created. Alona is a leader of the project Dialogue for Change, a social entrepreneur of Khata Maysterna, co-creator of Insha Osvita, and a facilitator.

“And then you feel many things are possible.” — Alona Karavai