THK Stories #10 — Annegret Wulff

“Every person can make a difference in their society.”

Watch the story of Annegret Wulff

Managing Director of MitOst e.V.
Program Coordinator of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg

Annegret has been a MitOst member since almost the very beginning. Her joy for citizenship education was sparked by experimenting with different educational methods and tools during one of the so called “Kreisau seminars”. For Annegret, education is not only about transferring knowledge, but activating people and giving them space to experience their own power and to put their ideas into action. In this manner, one person can change others and, in the long term, change the society. Annegret is a managing director at MitOst e.V. and the program coordinator of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg.

“Every person can make a difference in their society.” — Annegret Wulff